Customer Value Creation

  • Customer Strategy development
  • Customer Value assessment
  • Value Proposition development
  • Messaging development
  • Collateral creation

Valuegenie will help you address these issues to increase revenue, lower costs and mitigate risks….Find out how!

Employee Value Creation

  • Customer strategy implementation for your people
  • Employee Value assessment
  • Knowledge transfer

Relating differently to customers requires new organisation and new ways of working. The payoff is a win-win-win for your employees, your customers, and your business…Find out how!

Co-creation & AI

  • Platform design and creation
  • Innovation, Consultative Selling, R&D focus
  • Service-integrated Relationships (SiR)
  • SiR Meta Intelligence AI

The highest level of ‘new customer’ engagement is one where your customers join with you and your team to become co-creators…Find out more…

Latest Activity

Customer Strategy News

Valuegenie talks to Matt Watkinson about The Grid

The Grid   Valuegenie’s David Pinder talks to award-winning business author Matt Watkinson about his new book The Grid. Matt is an internationally-re...

Content Strategy: Content vs. Discontent

Content Strategy A recent survey on “The role of content strategy” conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit in association with Peppercomm indicates that al...

The 4Ps of Marketing. RIP.

The 4Ps of Marketing There’s a lot of stuff out there about the 4Ps of Marketing. Fact is, the best thing to do with the 4Ps model is bury it. To borrow from th...

What’s a Customer Worth? (A lot more than you think!)

Most businesses evaluate Customers exclusively in terms of their actual and potential spend on products and services. But many Customers are worth more. Some ar...

(Customer) Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Back in 1965 The Rolling Stones unleashed (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, a protest against conformity, including the conformity demanded b...

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