Author: David Pinder

The Relationship Economy and the Order of the Million Elephants and the White Umbrella

The Relationship Economy In the emerging Relationship Economy well-facilitated, ongoing customer-supplier interactions have the power to reveal value for both parties, and, In the process, dissolve the instinct for a customer to make choices on the basis of competitive comparisons. In simple terms, customers have traditionally measured value as benefits / costs. In the Relationship Economy, they m...Read More

Co-creation & AI

Co-creation Platforms Innovation, Consultative Selling, R&D Service-integrated Relationships (SiR) SiR Intel AI We believe that co-creation platforms can deliver the highest level of engagement – and business potential! – This is where your customers join with you and your team to become co-creators. This opens up exciting opportunities to effectively do away with the separation be...Read More

The Grid – Matt Watkinson

The Grid – a new book from Matt Watkinson The Grid – My Sunday project, to get my head around the new book from matt watkinson. I was privileged to be asked to review parts of it, so already know some of it, but now getting to grips with ‘the full grid’. It’s a brilliant idea, beautifully written. We will soon be interviewing Matt and talking to him about some of the ...Read More

The Essential Secret of Effective Value Creation & Delivery

Value Creation: Customer, Employee and Stakeholder value Right now, there’s a buzz out there around the term Value Creation. But there’s also a lot of fuzz. Far too often, companies send out mixed messages about the focus of any Value Creation initiatives. Is the Customer the primary focus? Or the Shareholder? Or the Employee? Or all three? Sorting this quandary out is critical for any business th...Read More

Customer Value? Who decides?

Customer Value Hello. I recently received a letter informing me that UK vehicle registration number P117 DER is for sale, and that this can be arranged to spell out my surname. You can see the idea from the photo. The letter says: “For the above number we are currently looking for offers in the region of £5750 ono (around $8,600); a price that we believe represents excellent value for money when y...Read More

Which came first, the Product or the Customer Outcome?

Customer Outcome It is along towards ten o’clock one April evening in 1990, and I am sitting in a restaurant in west London with my friend John Frazer-Robinson – JFR for short. We went there for lunch and are now nine hours in to a lively conversation about the future of sales and marketing. (Total Quality Marketing[i] was published in 1991.) One of the topics we discuss is his theory of three gen...Read More

(Customer) Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Back in 1965 The Rolling Stones unleashed (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, a protest against conformity, including the conformity demanded by the powerful mass marketing forces of the time: “When I’m watchin’ my TV And a man comes on to tell me How white my shirts can be But he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke The same cigarettes as me”[i] In...Read More

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