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Co-creation & AI

Co-creation, Co-creation platforms, AI in customer service
  • Co-creation Platforms
  • Innovation, Consultative Selling, R&D
  • Service-integrated Relationships (SiR)
  • SiR Intel AI

We believe that co-creation platforms can deliver the highest level of engagement – and business potential! – This is where your customers join with you and your team to become co-creators. This opens up exciting opportunities to effectively do away with the separation between customers and suppliers so that your customers and your organisation work together, for the benefit of both parties! Our expertise includes:

Co-creation  Platforms – the development and operation of the ultimate 21st century tool to enable collaboration and co-creation – and much more besides – between all stakeholders, including customers.

Innovation, Sales, R&D … – set your primary goals and a Valuegenie platform solution will be tailored to fit the situation precisely

Service-integrated Relationships (SiR) – underpinning all of these developments we’ll provide detailed information about the new requirements and behaviours of relationship-orientation (as distinct from product- or market-orientation)

SiR Intel AI – where appropriate, Valuegenie will even give you access to the most advanced AI ‘customer relationship engine’ in the world, developed by scientists and based upon extensive research conducted at Penn State University.

In the digital world, Customer-Supplier relationships are changing out of all recognition, opening up tremendous new opportunities for your business. We are proud to be at the forefront of these developments.

Valuegenie is the answer to the perennial challenge for businesses – how to attract and retain customers?

Contact [email protected] or [email protected]  to find out more.

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I'm a Value Proposition and value creation expert, co-author of "Creating & Delivering Your Value Proposition", Associate Editor at Journal of Creating Value, and member of the Board of Directors at Customer Value Creation International.

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