Co-creation & AI

Co-creation Platforms Innovation, Consultative Selling, R&D Service-integrated Relationships (SiR) SiR Intel AI We believe that co-creation platforms can deliver the highest level of engagement – and business potential! – This is where your customers join with you and your team to become co-creators. This opens up exciting opportunities to effectively do away with the separation between customers and suppliers so that your customers and your organisation work together, for the benefit of both parties! Our expertise includes: Co-creation  Platforms – the development and operation of the ultimate 21st century tool to enable collaboration and co-creation – and much more besides – between all stakeholders, including customers. Innovation, Sales, R&D … – set your prima...

Co-creation for business: An introduction by Olaf Hermans and David Pinder

An advanced aspect of Valuegenie’s portfolio of Customer Value Creation activities is co-creation, where companies and their customers fully collaborate, with the customer as an internal resource or asset, to the benefit of both parties. This is achieved through specialist co-creation platforms that we build and manage for clients, supported, where appropriate, by new AI designed to support and enhance employee interactions. Valuegenie’s David Pinder teamed with SiR Intel’s Olaf Hermans to write an ‘epilogue’ to a book titled The 7 Principles of Complete Co-creation, by Stefanie Jansen ans Maarten Pieters (publication date 30 November 2017). The chapter makes the point that the key difference between co-creation and other useful forms of customer or user-focused act...

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