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Fresh thinking, energy and results at the Customer-Supplier interface

Value Genie helps businesses move from a product or service focus to a customer value focus. Our insights, tools and resources build customer value-led organisations: those that out-perform their peers by creating and delivering true value.

Customer Value Creation

Customer Value Creation Customer Strategy development Customer Value assessment Value Proposition development Message development Collateral creation How do you feel about tackling every new day in your business? Is it exciting? Do you feel that you are building a great future, or just tinkering with the present? Do you feel that you’re positively differentiated in the eyes of your Customers, or just following along with the crowd? Where once businesses mass-sold products to mass Customer groups, they need now to focus on valued outcomes for individual Customers. This mega shift from product- and market-orientation to Customer-relationship orientation is, as they say, a whole new ball game. The fact that customers now have greater power and influence in the affairs of the companies that th...

Employee Value Creation

Employee Value Creation It goes like this. If the Customer is the Primary Value Focus of any successful company, those who work within the company must constantly be concerned to optimize the Customer Value that they help provide – and do so in a manner that is profitable for the company. It stands to reason that employees will only do this, reliably day in and day out, if they are engaged and energized, if they understand what is expected of them, and if they are trusted to get on with it. From the company’s perspective, what matters is speed of innovation and response, co-ordination of systems, and the ability to create synergy with Customers. In this environment, it is clear that decisions need to be made and managed dynamically, always closer to the customer in any transact...

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