Customer Co-creation

Value in Use, the new foundation of business success

Value in Use We all recognize the astonishing technological advances of recent years. After all, we all carry supercomputers around in our pockets and purses. And we routinely use the internet, “the largest experiment involving anarchy in history”[i]. And terms such as ‘Big Data’, ‘digital world’ and the like are part of everyday business discourse. And yet, and yet, many companies fail to grasp the profundity of a fundamental change that these advances have both enabled and empowered: the power shift from Producer to Customer. Or maybe it’s just that a lot of folk don’t want to see it. For the leaders of enterprises that thrived in the top-down-drivin’, product-pushin’, profit-hustlin’ milieu of 20th century business, the need for fundamental change may not be greeted with wholehearted en...

(Customer) Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Back in 1965 The Rolling Stones unleashed (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, a protest against conformity, including the conformity demanded by the powerful mass marketing forces of the time: “When I’m watchin’ my TV And a man comes on to tell me How white my shirts can be But he can’t be a man ’cause he doesn’t smoke The same cigarettes as me”[i] In the same year a business growth model was published that expressed and promoted that very conformity. Igor Ansoff’s famous Matrix synthesized everything down to just Products and Markets, resulting in four possible business growth strategies[ii]: Market Penetration = Existing Product in Existing Market Market Development = Existing Product in New Market Product Development = New Product in Existi...

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